Street Sweeping / Potholes

Street Sweeping

The City of Ft. Thomas attempts to sweep each street within the City twice per year.  There are many conditions that contribute to the need for sweeping individual streets.  A new concrete or asphalt street that is at least gently sloping or steep, may not need sweeping as minimal debris may be swept away with periodic rains.  However, a street that is flat or older, may hold some debris and warrant a visit from the street sweeper.  Please let us know at 859-572-1210 if your street is in need and we can add it to our schedule.


Like all cities in the region, the City of Ft. Thomas experiences potholes on streets, most prevalently in the spring of the year.  Please let us know at 859-572-1210 if you see a pothole that needs filling.  Please also be aware that some streets in Ft. Thomas are maintained by the State of KY and/or Campbell County and we will often forward these requests to the applicable department.  Some of these roads include parts of Covert Run Pike, Alexandria Pike, Grandview Avenue, South Ft. Thomas Avenue, most of North Ft. Thomas Avenue, Memorial Parkway, River Road, Mary Ingles Hwy, and Memorial Parkway.

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