Fire Personnel

Fire Personnel

Chief Chris Amon

Meet the Fort Thomas Fire Department

The mission of the Fort Thomas Fire Department is dedicated in serving the citizens to prevent loss of life, personal injury, and property damage through Emergency Response, Current Departmental Training, Fire Prevention, and Community Education. The Department will provide Emergency Medical Services at the level of advanced life support towards the health, safety, and well-being of the patient/s. The Department will provide optimal services in an efficient manor to the needs of our community and recognized by our community and our peers as leaders in the event of an Emergency. The Department will set examples of professionalism regardless of rank or position and actively participate in community events. The Department will assist neighboring fire departments through mutual aid agreements to the extent that the City of Fort Thomas is not left in harm’s way.

Shift 1

Captain Steve Lumpp

Lt. Sam Behrle

FF/P Jeremy Andrasik

FF/P Charles Long

FF/P Cody Krentz

FF/P G. Riggs

Shift 2

Captain Kasey Carr

Lt./P Eric Scherpenberg

FF/P Matt Bryant

FF/P Josh Edmondson

FF/P Chris Rust

FF/P Michael Strady

Shift 3

Captain Tammy Webster

Lt./P Kyle Kaufman

FF/P Matthew Fite

FF/P Brandon Fromeyer

FF/P Adam Hinkel

FF/P Mike Watson


Ken Clift

Elaine Henderson
Administrative Assistant

City of Fort Thomas
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