Tree Maintenance within Right-of-Way

In an effort to make City of Fort Thomas streets safe from overhanging limbs and shrubs, the City has begun an effort to trim impediments adversely affecting pedestrian and vehicular traffic.  

The City has been made aware of a number of incidents of delivery vehicles , box trucks, construction vehicles and the like, hitting branches overhanging roadways and parking areas.  We have also seen areas that impede pedestrian traffic on sidewalks.  

Therefore, City crews will trim at approx. 15 ft high for roadways and 96 – 120 inches for sidewalks. The height and width will be determined by sizes of trees/shrubs as well as overall growth, so some areas may be slightly higher.  Residents that own trees that are not in the ROW but have branches that extend into the ROW and cause this type of interference with vehicles and pedestrians are certainly urged to cut themselves or hire contractor if they so desire.

City of Fort Thomas
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