Notice from FTPD on Ding, Dong, Ditch happening in the city

The Fort Thomas Police Department has seen a recent increase in both frequency and severity of the “prank” ding, dong, ditch. Typically this “prank” is annoying, but usually harmless. However, with technology such as Ring doorbell cameras, children are now concealing their faces with ski masks. The current “pranks” have evolved from just ringing the door bell and running to kicking in the doors to homes, causing not only loud disturbances, but property damage as well.

The FTPD is sending this message out of concern for the safety of the children and the home owners of this community. There has been lots of “hall talk” in the Highlands Middle School about these incidents and the police department does not want this trend to grow. These younger children probably do not realize the severity of their actions and the likelihood of a homeowner mistaking them for a home invasion burglar is possible. FTPD is concerned that if these acts continue, a homeowner may take action to protect their property and people may be physically injured.

We are asking parents to discuss this issue with their children and help them understand that in today’s society, these actions have the potential to turn from an annoying disturbance to a violent interaction. The current trend with property damage is CRIMINAL! As the FTPD investigates these crimes, the individuals responsible will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Please help us in the community spread the word and educate our children about the seriousness of this issue. The Fort Thomas Police Department thanks everyone for their time and attention to this matter.

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