Greetings all!

I am honored to begin another term as your mayor and excited to have our city council established for the next two years. Our team is going to do great things for this city and are already showing their eagerness to work together to achieve common goals for our town. I want to welcome the new members, Andy Ellison, Lauren McIntosh, and Eric Strange to their new positions in public service that I have enjoyed for so many years. It’s a difficult job at times, but it will be very rewarding knowing your decisions help shape our city’s future. Welcome back to Jeff Bezold, Adam Blau, and Ben Pendery who are continuing their service to our town.

With the support and ideas from our citizens, I’m looking forward to working as a team on this year’s projects and continuing the progress that we have seen over the recent years. I hope you enjoy our city events this year and have an enjoyable spring and summer.

Mayor Eric Haas

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