Official Zoning Ordinance UPDATE

UPDATE:  2023 Phase 2 – Conventional Districts

December 5, 2022 Zoning Ordinance Update

UPDATE August 15, 2022:

FROM MAYOR HAAS: We have received many emails regarding the proposed changes that the Planning Commission has been reviewing.  These emails have been asking for a pause to the process.  Prior to these emails, we have also been discussing this process with council members who wanted to know more about the options.  After realizing that the process won’t be complete during this council’s term, we have chosen to hold off the process until January.  This will provide an opportunity to catch up the new and re-elected council members to the process and ideas being discussed.  

Additionally, we will look into other options to better explain some of the ideas being discussed with the citizens as well.  This may be an online forum or most likely a public meeting.  There are a few options and we do want citizen input while allowing the planning commission to focus on their task of evaluating the zoning ordinance.

We appreciate all the citizen feedback that we have received and are working towards the same goal of improving the city.  We will provide more updates as we plan out this process to include the newly elected council members.

The Fort Thomas Planning Commission (PC) hosted a meeting on October 20, 2021 regarding initial stages of the zoning code update which included considerations for revisions to residential uses in the CBD zone.  The City’s consultant will be doing assessment of existing conditions, getting additional input from other City boards that deal with the zoning ordinance, and preparing additional discussion in the coming months.

ZONING UPDATE SCHEDULE **Please see modified schedule and check back regularly for updates **

Phase 1 Diagnostic Report: (Part 1)

Phase 1 Diagnostic Report (Part 2)

Zoning Code Update: Draft Phase 2 Unified Development Ordinance

UPDATE:  2023 Phase 2 – Conventional Districts

FebruaryMemo and Meeting Material

April: Memo and Meeting Material

Zoning Code Update: Form Based Code
(“An educational discussion on form based codes will begin at 5:30, in advance of the Planning Commission meeting”)

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